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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

December Rain


A dimness from great greyness
Lies in the rooms inside,

The blue-gray veil of showers
Sweeps over distances
With paleness far and wide
On hills and skylines now.

No summer sun is seen
Upon cloud-curtained sky.

High benefice of green,
The gift now given after
The long and shrinking dry
That cracked the hopeful earth
And turned the leaves to thirst,

Is smell of rain on breezes
And pattering on roofs.

The gift now given after
The longing for sky moisture
Is all this world now under
A cold wind in the summer.

I make no moral triteness
Upon this change of weather,
The bringing of sky water
For stem and root and flower,

And yet I can perceive
That after dryness now
The raindrop jewels on leaves
That catch white fire from cloud sky
Are surely like true beauty;

And drumming on the roof
Is beautiful like truth.


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