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Tuesday, April 28, 2015



September, 2010 Georgica NSW

September dusk drifts over fields,
green valleys, forests and long hills
and lays, like mist, upon the scene
a dreaming tenebrosity.

The sheen that was slips back to last
west-fading blue of skyward sight
and coolness and the call of dark
speak with the syllables of night.

Though land is losing all of light,
upon the southwest, paling sky
new crescent rides as lunar smile
with Venus high: white-gleaming eye.

While from fast darkening, near this,
as stars both Mars and Saturn shine-
all jewels lit with radiance
reflected from a vanished sun.

From world beneath, still shadowing,
wild drumming of cicadas crowds
the air to drown my ears with sound-
last chorus veiled from hunting wings.

In vagueness, from my seeing’s verge,
a sudden flash sparks, low then high,
around dark trees and weeds and bushes,
long grass and dim-white crofton flowers…

and there another, and there- and there-
all through the gloom of cooling air,
I see the drifting stars go by-
the green-gold gleam of fireflies.

Like shifting constellations through
the ever-growing dark they pass-
light signs to breed in spring’s increase
that rising life may never cease.

So weary from my winter time
I view enchanting shimmering
and feel again this magic rhyme
that sings to me from stars of spring.


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