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Monday, April 20, 2015



I turn the white tube of the telescope
upon that brightest, white, white star 
and see far in the far
a blaze of light, its brilliance finer
than any jewel or precious stone
that shines by stolen glow alone.

Bright Sothis, Sirius, you are
all the sky’s most splendid star.

The old sky-lining of
Hellenic legend drew you as
the dog star, the hound’s eye of
the greater, faithful creature following
Orion, the hunter through
 the turning of the night.

And in ancient Egypt's lore
you were seen as sacred star,
one whose rising in the palest wash
of the hushed, dawn-hinting sky
beckoned coming flooding of the Nile.

You are still to sight
greatest star in all the night,
brightest far sun in the darkness.

Our cultures, civilisations, go and come,
yet you shine on, oh, distant sun,
across the paths of harbouring vastness,
across time's endless transformations.

I gaze in awe and dimly feel
affinity to being, boundless and
beyond these thoughts.


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