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Sunday, June 26, 2011



Jupiter- holy, far thunderer,
royally known as the mightiest,
glowing, sun-following world; o, your
Jovian roll through the star-glowing
home of all vastness that's over us
holds all the closer, small worlds within;
royal, vast voyager over us;
old overlord of immortal gods.

Holding your court with your following:
multi-mooned retinue, mirroring
Sol's larger family, Globe of Zeus,
o, you're enfolded by whirlwind's flow:
girded by storm; swirling, thundering,
ever unrolling, all endlessly
ever revolving; transforming with
flowing, forever repatterning.

Golden and glowing, more glorious,
brighter than most of the wanderers
in the dark dome of the evening,
to our beholding you seem a calm,
gold-yellow starpoint, unfolding your
shining far over the other worlds,
over them all like a royal; great
lord of night's violet abode.


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