Mark Scrivener

Poetry Poems Original Verse

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Geometric crystal structures,
dark of hard-compacted rock depths,
massive and age-moulded mountains,
stony cliffs and veins of metal,
bleak, expansive, desert stillness,
take the stable shapes of earth.

Lulling of low-lapping ripples' shore-splash,
wild, gale-blown billows loud-lashing the land,
streams gurgling, rivers long-looping the plains,
calm, level lakeface reflecting light blue,
sun-glittered raindrops slow-pooling to puddles;
flow with life forms of the world of the waters.

In the rush, roll, and whirl of rough wind,
in the whisper of leaf-rustling breeze,
in a tree-crashing hurricane's roar,
in spring zephyr's soft drift brushing by,
in a winter wind's ice-whistling rage,
in the spiralling rise of warm currents;
runs the breathing, free swirl of the air.

The fury of unfolding, dancing fire,
the still intensity of single flame,
the sun, sight-dazzling centre of day sky,
from heaven giving heat to earth and ocean,
a volcano's hidden and stone-melting heart,
and even embers fading from fierce shining,
reveal the vivifying force of heat.

Friday, July 08, 2011



Jupiter has vastness.
So has Saturn with its rings.

Yet this small, polished stone,
this blue lace agate,
with white and blue
and bit of brown,
reminds me me of another thing-

a photograph,
a blue-white jewel
in darkness
rising from the moon.

Only here,
in all the sun-spun spheres,
fish swim in seas,
wind rustles leaves in trees,

and all the universe
is mirrored in
a child’s
dark-adapted eyes.

Only here
can dawn grow clear
to multitudes of minds,
to ears that hear
winged, singing voices.

Only here
we see this treasure
of life in all its complex measure,
upon this jewel amongst the stars,
upon this living, sun-drinking sphere
we we are born to learn of love
only here-

only here.