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Saturday, October 28, 2006



North-western wind excites the scene:
it whips white steeds across wide sea;
it drives grey clouds to restless drifting;
it animates dry, grounded leaves
and raises dust to brief and ghostly form;
and sets the red hibiscus nodding;
endows brown grass with rustling life;
and stirs high, gum tree tops to frenzied swaying;
and gives the long, bare strands of wintered willow
a lightly-swaying grace.

Such is its power,
unseen yet everywhere,
for it is breath, not air.
This carries clouds;
this moves the atmosphere;
this sets the surface of the sea
to lift long. rolling waves;
this bears the flying seeds;
this causes leaves to rustle.

A world without wind would be quite dead.
So is this breath like Spirit, it was said.


Blogger Jennie said...

I love the 'North-Western Wind' descriptive and flowing....:-) Jennie

8:25 PM  

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